Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success

RandomCoffees is the best way to keep up with your teammates.

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RandomCoffees helps build great relationships within the company members. RandomCoffees is here to connect you with people from your office that you haven’t met yet in an one/one coffee / Skype / Lunch / Walk.

RandomCoffees will pair members via direct message in a weekly basis. With RandomCoffees you can create / customize channels such as:

#CoffeeFunTime, #LetsGetTogether, #CantWaitForCoffeeTime, #GetMeACoffee #LetsHaveAWalk #LetsHaveSomeFrechAir #LetsSkype #CoffeeToSucceed.

The members can anytime join in or leave the channel!!!

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Setting up RandomCoffees

Let's set up your Slack team with RandomCoffees

  1. Install RandomCoffees via the add to slack button.

  2. Mention @randomcoffees and add the bot to the channel.

  3. Run "/randomcoffee run" to match everyone in the channel for their first coffee.

  4. Wait till Monday and everyone in that channel will be automatically matched for next weeks random coffee.



Do not wait to get to know your teammates.


Your weekly ritual onboarding.


Look forward to your match each week!

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